Tuesday, May 25, 2010

His smile is different!

This last week has been stressful, but awesome. Braden had eye surgery. He had his blind eye removed and a prosthetic put in its place. He did so good during the surgery, but had a hard time waking up. All he could do was sleep or throw up. This experience, I believe, triggered anxiety from other hospitalizations. With the sounds, smells and environment and just feeling plain yucky, there has been a lot of extra emotional issues that he has had to deal with. The only difference this time was he had a mommy to love and hold him and and rock him. He has become even more attached to me and Clint this last week. Yes he has regressed in some behaviors, but that is to be expected. But his smile is different, more content and happy. He looks at us with absolute adoration. It is so awesome!

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McKaylan's Awesome Bike!!!
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