Thursday, August 20, 2009

What to name a baby! We have had this beautiful little boy in our home since May. He is free for adoption and we plan on keeping him forever, but we can't figure out a name for him. He is the one labeled Colton. That just doesn't fit. His brother's name came so easily to me. As soon as I picked him up I knew he was Aiden, but his brother has not inspired me or Clint yet. We are becoming to comfortable with bubba, or mister, but when we are trying to teach or discipline I can't use his nicknames to get the point across. I am sure this poor kiddo is confused with all the nicknames, and no real name. We want to include family names with these boys so in the future they will have that connection to our family. So we are heading towards Aiden Daniel, after my dad, and Braden Thomas after Clint's dad. We will call him Brady for short. A part of me thinks Aiden and Braden are cute, but the other part thinks it may be too much. This would be the umpteenth name we have decided on. Maybe this one will stick.

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