Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The first official week

This week has been incredible!!! I thought I loved these boys before the adoption, but knowing they are mine makes my love for them multiply infinitely. The power of adoption is amazing and I am so thankful for this wonderful blessing I have been given. Okay enough of the cheese.

It has been so long since I have posted anything, but now that school is done I will have more time on my hands, maybe. With twins my time disappears quick. But I hope to keep more up to date.

We had some fun awesome times with the boys this week and it will on get more fun. Braden hates any food except his bottle. I feel like we have gone 5 steps back when it comes to solids. He used to at least try a bite, but now he is very opinionated about what he wants to eat. Aiden on the other hand will eat just about anything, although we are finding that he does not appreciate green beans, but who does.

McKaylan is loving being an official, legal and soon eternal big sister. She is an amazing help. She loves to get on the floor and roll around with the boys, rock them in the chair, and help feed them their bottles. She sings to them and tells them stories and they both adore her and will seek her out to play and have fun with. Having kids (plural is awesome) is the most amazing thing in this world. I love my family!!!

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  1. Haha...the only food that Brooklyn won't eat is green beans too!
    Andrea and Thad



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McKaylan's Awesome Bike!!!
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